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College Girls Become Escorts to Support Their Lavish Lifestyle

Some of the girls do it because they need money to pay for the college studies and some to support lavish life style they adapt when they come out of their houses and start living alone or with group. Some get into expensive lifestyles which sometimes include the use of drugs, and they need money to fulfill those.

A college girl is also most vulnerable to worldly attractions and lure of money because she is unbridled and out of bound for her parents or relatives. In the whole narration, we have forgotten one point that is the natural need to have sex once you have attained age.

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Having Sex With A College Girl Could Be A Taboo

Elderly gentlemen prefer college girls because of the natural taboo that the union has in general. A man in his 50s having sex with a girl in her teens or 20s is considered immoral and abnormal.

When it comes to sex immorality looms large because it gives the most pleasure and a satisfaction that you have broke the barriers of society and has actually screwed a girl who could be your granddaughter.

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